About Us

AVTRON TECHNOLOGIES designs and manufactures the absolute best high-definition surveillance CCTV Camera solutions that deliver the best evidence.

AVTRON Technologies LLC, a US based company that specializes in Designing, Manufacturing and Distribution of CCTV Video Surveillance Systems. We at AVTRON Technologies, specialize in designing and manufacturing systems as per client specifications and requirements. Our profound knowledge and experience has developed our ability to foresee and recognize the market trends and fulfill our clients’ needs effectively.

We have consistently developed the most advanced line of cameras to provide our customers with more solutions and options to protect people and properties throughout the globe from smallest requirement to the high end assets for Defence applications along with Government Infrastructure Projects, Airports, Hospitals, Casinos, Stadiums, Hotels, Educational Campuses, Residential, Commercial & Industrial Complexes and Retail Facilities etc.

We primarily provide two types of Product Categories – AVTRON MONARCH Series for ultra high resolution cameras requirements and AVTRON ATOM Series for high resolution cameras requirements. Other resolutions are available on request if clients have a specific requirement.

We proudly manufacture UL, CE and FCC certified products along with RoHS compliance. Rigorous QC processes that are implemented in our manufacturing process yields the consistency in quality of our products that we are proud of, resulting in a 2 years warranty on our products. We have global presence throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East.

AVTRON Technologies Values

AVTRON Technologies focuses on 5 fundamental essentials of the market to provide high-tech, world-class quality products.


Bringing Innovations…..

AVTRONis consistently committed to prioritizing higher standards of quality through stringent quality tests and checks that are performed from the very initial stage to the final product and are conducted under the supervision of our qualified quality control personnel. Our dedicated research & development programm combine clients’ perspective with innovations in technology to bring about complete solutions as per market demand and efficaciously design state-of-the-art technology for our clients.

The Clients

Client Centric Approach…..

Our clients are the biggest driving force behind our innovations. We understand that providing quality products is not enough. The clients expect performance of the product in terms of reliability, competitive price against quality, Technological Supports & service, on time delivery etc. and for that we thrive to maintain the balance to bring highest quality standards along with other attributes required by clients.

The Team

Our Team – Our Strength…..

A well- balanced and focused team is one of the most useful resources for any organization success. We have blended ourselves into a cohesive team that works in a synchronized manner to assist the smooth function of the business. The dedicated team of qualified professionals gives AVTRON an edge over others as the ideal choice to meet the requirements of our clients. Our R & D team is the key behind producing excellent quality products. They are involved throughout the process of concept to finish.

The Social Responsibility

Our Obligation towards the Society…..

A harmonious and thriving society is the pillar of all economic, humanitarian and national progress and development. As we use the resources of the society it is our obligation to protect and serve the very threads that bind us as society. We at AVTRON, ensure that our business is directed towards welfare of society through care for environment and conducting our business ethically.

The Certification

We are ISO 9000:2001 certified company. Most of our products conform to UL/ CE/FCC standard along with RoHS Compliance

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