How to Avoid Blind Spots with Your CCTV Security System?

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Every CCTV camera has a blind spot, but in order to ensure safety of your premises, you should invest in a camera that is designed with “zero blind spot” capability. If you want to get optimal coverage with your CCTV security system in India, you should look for reliable and trustworthy manufacturers. The location of camera also determines the blind spots. It is important to install camera in such a way that any blind spots in the perimeter are covered.

Tips to avoid blind spots with CCTV Cameras

1. Click the photos of the areas you wish to cover and this will help you choose the right lens and camera.

2. It is essential to choose the right camera resolution. Depending on your specific requirements, you can pick the right one and maximize surveillance potential. Ask the CCTV  Camera Surveillance System Supplier for the best suitable camera resolution to avoid blind spots and ensure a clear footage.

3. It is important to review the building plan and determine the ideal locations where the camera needs to be installed. Find out the distance and detection range of the surveillance zone. It can be a good idea to situate the camera as close to the surveillance area first and then choose how much zoom is needed.

4. The lighting in the area that your camera would cover is important. There are chances that you may need additional lighting or infrared CCTV cameras to ensure that the images are clear.

5. There are different types of vandal proof cameras available in the market. You can ask the manufacturer or supplier for such cameras.

If you are looking for High Quality CCTV Surveillance System in India, talk to the experts and get advice for getting the best solutions to help you avoid any blind spots.


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